PPF Ultimate is a women's ultimate system located in the Waterloo Region. PPF Ultimate has an elite touring team, PPF, and a competitive touring team, BEEs. Known for gritty play, pink shorts, and winning both on and off the field, PPF Ultimate is an excellent choice for female athletes looking to play hard, challenge themselves and have fun along the way! 





PPF is an elite level touring team competing in the Canadian Ultimate Series. Since its creation in 2006, PPF has established itself as one of the Top 8 women's teams in Canada.


PPF has developed a number of athletes who have gone on to represent our country at the World Ultimate and Guts Championships, World Ultimate Club Championships and World U24 Ultimate Championships. 


Known for their gritty play, PPF is a great opportunity for players looking to push themselves and compete at an elite level. 


BEEs is a competitive level touring team created in 2017 to help improve and expand the women's touring opportunities in South Western Ontario. 


As a feeder team to PPF, BEEs is filled with talented women looking to develop their skills and gain 

experience by participating in the Canadian Ultimate Series in 2018.


BEEs runs under the PPF Ultimate System and is a great opportunity for players looking to improve and grow, with the goal of working towards playing at an elite level. 


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